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Be a savvy online shopper!

Internet shopping – especially for clothes and home buys – has rocketed thanks to the pandemic. Here’s how to avoid temptation and overspendi­ng


Online sales rose by more than a third in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it has completely shaped the way we shop, with UK consumers loving the convenienc­e of an item being just a click away.

But the sheer variety and ease of shopping online means we have a tendency to spend more – and return more. Returns (if you get around to doing them) aren’t good for the environmen­t with the additional transport and packaging required, and a 2019 report suggested that 25 per cent of returns are thrown away by retailers, with many more rerouted at a loss.

“Not being able to see things in real life can sometimes lead to disappoint­ment when items arrive,” says Closer’s

Style Editor Daniela Bellanca (above). “But by really paying attention to what you’re ordering, you can save yourself a surprising amount of money.”

Read on for Daniela’s tips for successful online shopping…

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