Closer (UK)

Controvers­ial mum:

“My sexy baby bump will make me thousands!”



Clad in underwear and stroking her baby bump provocativ­ely, Carla Bellucci pouts into the camera before posting the picture on adult content website OnlyFans.

Far from letting pregnancy hamper her modelling career, she’s exploiting it to get even more fans.

Carla – who found notoriety as an NHS “scrounger” after admitting to faking depression to get a free nose job – joined OnlyFans last June and boasts she’s already earned around £40,000. And since announcing her pregnancy, she’s got 250 more followers as she flaunts her new curves to men with a fetish for pregnant women. She makes at least £2,000 a month - but in the past couple of weeks, since revealing her bump, Carla, who is just over 15 weeks pregnant, has already made £3,500.

Carla, 39, who lives in a fourbedroo­m house near Hitchin in Hertfordsh­ire with her 51-yearold partner of 10 years, and two of her three children, Tanisha, 16, and Jayden, 13, says, “I look great pregnant – my boobs have already grown and men love that! My partner is happy for me to do it and my teenagers even take my pictures. They’re proud of me.”


She adds, “My page views have already gone up. I know the bigger my bump gets, it’ll earn me thousands! There are men out there who love how pregnant women look.

“I’m only in the early days at the moment, so I wait until the evening when my bump’s at its biggest, stick it out and take my photograph­s. There’s no excuse to let yourself go just because you’re pregnant, so why wouldn’t I carry on with modelling? And I’ve already promised myself I’ll be back in shape four weeks after giving birth, so I can continue to make money – though I won’t be posing with my baby, that’s too much!”

Carla first hit the headlines nearly two years ago, when she went public about getting a nose job on the NHS, outrageous­ly claiming she’d pretended to be struggling with her mental health to get a slight bump fixed.

She admits, “I’d been to a Harley Street surgeon and they quoted £7,000 for a nose job. There was nothing really wrong with it so that seemed a lot of money. I’m good at blagging stuff, so I thought I would chance it and see if I could get a free one. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.”


Though it led to her being dubbed “Britain’s most hated woman” on social media, Carla has no regrets. She insists, “I can’t see that I did anything wrong – I refuse to believe anyone else wouldn’t have done the same if they could. I have much to be thankful to the NHS for.”

And she’s proudly continued to get as much as she can for free, including cosmetic surgery and clothes.

With 115,000 Instagram followers, companies love working with her.

And now she’s pregnant

and can’t wait to blag more stuff. Carla discovered she was expecting in February and was thrilled.

She says, “We’d been trying for over a year and had even thought about trying to get IVF via the

NHS. But then I got pregnant naturally and was so excited.

“But I won’t let myself go – I’m already booked in to have my hair and nails done. I have to keep looking good to keep making money.

“I always look after my appearance, I don’t understand women who don’t – it’s no wonder their husbands are signing up to OnlyFans and paying to look at me! They’ve only got themselves to blame.”

And Carla insists she will be a great mum to her new baby – despite being accused of being a terrible mother after saying she’s planning on paying for her daughter Tanisha to have a Brazilian butt lift – believed to be the most dangerous nip/tuck due to a number of deaths worldwide – when she’s 18.

Last year in Closer, she revealed her plans saying she wants to make her daughter look as good as possible so she too can be famous, insisting that looks are everything and she’d rather her daughter were a model than a lawyer.


Carla says, “After the article, trolls on social media say I don’t deserve to be a mum, but I know I’m good one. I might not be convention­al – and

I’d be more than happy for them to join the site when they’re older. But why does that make me a bad mother? It’s such easy money and I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with it.”

Meanwhile, Carla is planning a gender reveal party for her new baby.

She says, “I’m really excited to find out what sex my baby will be and have planned a huge party to coincide with turning 40 in July, when we will tell everyone.

“I admit my baby is a money spinner, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can blag for it – a nice pram would be a good start.

“But he or she will also be very loved and well looked after.”

By Mel Fallowfiel­d

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She lives with her children Tanisha and Jayden
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She famously lied to get a nose job on the NHS
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One of her photos on her OnlyFans site t with pregnan She’s child her third

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