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Chloe Ferry:

“I’m done with surgery – I feel better about myself since lockdown”


She first appeared on our screens in Geordie Shore in 2015 as a fresh-faced 19 year old. But, seven years on, Chloe Ferry looks totally different after a host of cosmetic procedures to change her look.

Chloe, 25, has had multiple nose jobs, fillers, Botox and boobs jobs – and previously revealed to Closer that she loves the fake look.

But she now tells us that thanks to both lockdown and getting older, her priorities have changed as she enters a new, more confident chapter of her life.

She says, “For the first time in ages, I’m really happy with the way I look. I feel that I look good. And I really don’t think I will get any more surgery – I feel done with that now. I’ve been through times when I’ve not felt good about myself but at the moment I’m feeling great.

“I’m in a new chapter of my life. I’m ready to settle down and be successful. I want to be taken more seriously.”


Over the past five years, Chloe’s had more than £50k of surgical procedures, including three nose jobs, filler in her lips, cheeks and chin, and two breast enlargemen­ts, taking her to a DD. She’s also had a Brazilian butt lift – widely considered the most dangerous cosmetic procedure, after a number of deaths worldwide – and liposuctio­n on her thighs and stomach.

But her love of surgery has stemmed from a tragic place – in 2019 she told Closer about her body dysmorphia, which she felt was the result of experiment­ing with surgery from the age of 20.

Now Chloe says that lockdown and the resulting slower pace of life have helped her find contentmen­t.

She says, “For a long time I wasn’t happy with myself – I was negative, I was depressed and I was always putting myself down. But I started feeling a bit better about myself during the first lockdown and now I’m in a different frame of mind. I feel like I’ve found an inner peace.”


She continues, “I know lockdown has hit a lot of people hard, and there have been some really bad effects from it. I feel sorry for people who have really struggled. But one good thing for me is that it has made me more low maintenanc­e. It’s made me think I can’t be bothered to sit there for two hours to get my eyelash extensions done – there’s more I can do with my time.”

Chloe became infamous for her wild behaviour on hit MTV reality show Geordie Shore between 2015 and 2020. During one of her early episodes on the show, she snogged fellow cast member Charlotte Crosby, stripped to her underwear, hit her head on a clothing line and urinated over some decking. Viewers were shocked by her behaviour in another episode when she danced so vigorously in a nightclub that she knocked herself out. She also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in 2017 and was left “cringing” after trying to snog housemate Calum Best, and gyrating on

X Factor twins Jedward.

But Chloe now says that, as a result of her new, mellow personalit­y, her idea of a perfect evening has drasticall­y changed.

She says, “If it wasn’t for lockdown,

I’d still want to go out drinking. I prefer this quiet way of life now, even as things are opening up again. But it just doesn’t interest

me any more. Now, I want to be at home working on my businesses. Me and my mam have started a family business using my surname, Ferry Homely, to sell wax burners, orchids, lamps, cushions. That sort of thing makes me happy now.”

Chloe – who split with ex- Love Island star Sam Gowland in February 2020 – appeared on Channel 4’s Celebs Go Virtual Dating last summer, as well as Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion at the start of this year. While she didn’t find love on the shows, Chloe says she’s looking forward to dating again when lockdown restrictio­ns lift, and she hopes to meet someone to eventually settle down with.

She says, “I’ve been texting a few people here and there, but it’s hard in lockdown. I would like to find someone but only if he was the right person. I’ve realised I’m all right on my own!

“But I am very excited for the summer. Maybe I’ll go on a holiday and meet someone. Eventually, I want to have ten kids with a hot husband. I want to be really successful and maintain this happiness and my inner peace.”

By Lisa Blake

‘For a long time I wasn’t happy with

myself ’

 ??  ?? Fresh-faced before
done having any work
Fresh-faced before done having any work
 ??  ?? During filming of
Geordie Shore
During filming of Geordie Shore
 ??  ?? She tried to snog Calum Best in CBB in 2017
She tried to snog Calum Best in CBB in 2017
 ??  ?? The star in 2016
She wasn’t happy with her
bum before
The results of her boob job
and lipo
Chloe had a butt
lift in 2018
The star in 2016 She wasn’t happy with her bum before The results of her boob job and lipo Chloe had a butt lift in 2018

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