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Isaw that Simon Cowell spent Easter weekend with both his current girlfriend Lauren Silverman and his ex Terri Seymour, with whom he has remained good friends since they broke up over a decade ago. And while Simon’s moved on and started a family, I think this is crazy! One of the main storylines on Made In Chelsea is about the awkward love triangle between myself, my current boyfriend James (Taylor) and my ex Miles (Nazaire). Miles and I were dating for years, but we broke up in 2019. It was a hard break-up that was made even harder due to the fact I had to spend time with him on the show. At first, I wanted to stay friends, but every time we film together there is always drama.

We’ve been filming this latest series holed up in a mansion in the Cotswolds together (the cast were tested and then formed a bubble in the mansion), and this has confirmed to me that you can never really be friends with an ex. It’s not normal to have them in your life or spend time with them – you broke up for a reason. Even if things ended on good terms, I don’t think you can ever really be friends with each other.

James and I have been together two years now, but there are a lot of arguments every time we’re with Miles. I don’t think an ex partner should ever stay in your life – it’s not worth it for the tension in the new relationsh­ip. Luckily, even after this latest series where we were being holed up together for months during filming, James and I made it out stronger than ever. I’m hoping he proposes soon!

 ??  ?? Simon Cowell spent Easter with his girlfriend Lauren and ex Terri
Simon Cowell spent Easter with his girlfriend Lauren and ex Terri
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Her ex Miles
Her ex Miles
 ??  ??
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? With boyfriend James
With boyfriend James

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