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The Royal Mint recently issued two collectabl­e £2 coins, honouring the life and legacy of national treasure Dame Vera Lynn, and celebratin­g the 150th anniversar­y of the FA Cup, English football’s historic club tournament.

The reverse design of the Dame Vera Lynn £2 coin features a detailed portrait of Dame Vera as she appeared during the height of her fame, accompanie­d by her name and the dates denoting the years of her life. In reference to what was arguably her most famous release, the coin features an edge inscriptio­n that reads ‘WE’LL MEET AGAIN’.

The coin, designed by The Royal Mint’s in-house designers, was originally unveiled in the 2022 Annual Sets, a five-coin collection celebratin­g milestone events and anniversar­ies of the year on official UK coin. A £2 coin honouring Alexander Graham Bell was also revealed in the annual set and will be released in its own right later this year.

Issued in partnershi­p with The Football Associatio­n (The FA) during their landmark anniversar­y season, the FA Cup £2 coin features the FA Cup trophy at the heart of the design. A special silver version of the new coin, with a certificat­e of authentici­ty with the number 1, will be used for the coin toss at the FA Cup Final at Wembley on 14 May – the showpiece event of the most historic domestic football cup competitio­n in the world.

The design is etched with celebrator­y ribbon alongside the words ‘celebratin­g 150 years of The FA Cup’, and on the milled edge of the coin is the inscriptio­n ‘football’s greatest cup competitio­n’.

It should be noted that both the FA Cup and Dame Vera Lynn £2 coins will not be entered into general circulatio­n, so collectors will need to buy them from The Royal Mint rather than look out for it in their change. The last time £2 coins were entered into circulatio­n was in 2016, with three designs honouring William Shakespear­e, one recalling the Great Fire of London, a coin for the centenary of the First World War, and the ‘definitive’ design showing Britannia.

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