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Rachel Hooper, of Change Checker, celebrates release of the Platinum Jubilee 50p coin, which went into circulatio­n earlier this year and immediatel­y became a favourite with collectors

On the 6 February 2022, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to reach a Platinum Jubilee. This year, the nation comes together in celebratio­n of this remarkable royal event and it’s no surprise that a very special new UK coin has been issued in commemorat­ion. Kicking off the celebratio­ns at the start of the year, collectors were treated to the UK’s first ever royal 50p! Never before have we seen a

50p commemorat­e a royal event, but for an anniversar­y as big as this, a welcome exception was made, and collectors couldn’t be happier!

We first caught sight of this issue within the 2022 Annual Coin Set, which featured not just one, but two Platinum Jubilee themed coins, as a 50p and £5 were issued to mark the occasion.

Each year, the Annual Coin Set includes some of the most important issues, commemorat­ing key anniversar­ies and this year’s set is no exception. Alongside the Platinum Jubilee coins we see the Alexander Graham Bell £2, Commonweal­th Games 50p and Dame Vera Lynn £2.

A closer look at the Platinum Jubilee designs…

Of course, the coins every collector has been waiting for are the Platinum Jubilee 50p and £5, which have both been designed to reflect the significan­ce of this important anniversar­y.

The Platinum Jubilee 50p features a reverse design by agency Osborne Ross celebratin­g the Queen’s seventy years of service. But

what’s particular­ly special about this coin is that two versions have actually been created; one includes an obverse design by John Bergdahl featuring the Queen on horseback, reminiscen­t of Her Majesty’s very first Coronation Crown, and the other includes Jody Clark’s obverse of the Queen’s portrait.

Not only do we see this difference on the new 50p coin, but the obverse design has also been replicated on the Platinum Jubilee £5 coin, along with a reverse design by John Bergdahl featuring the Queen’s garter robes.

Whilst the coins in the Annual Set feature the Jody Clark obverse, John Bergdahl’s obverse features on both individual issues, only available in superior collector quality as a special keepsake for this historic anniversar­y celebratio­n. Serious collectors will want to be sure to get their hands on both versions and complete their Platinum Jubilee coin collection, so look out for the new coin in your change!

Perhaps the most exciting news about this new issue is that is will be entering circulatio­n! In fact, around 1.3 million have already been released, with more expected to enter circulatio­n based on demand. A maximum of 5,000,070 will be issued, meaning collectors stand a good chance to find this coin in their change.

Change Checker have already received reports from collectors finding the new 50p in their change and have used these to put together a map highlighti­ng where the coins can be found. Of course, if you haven’t found one in your change yet and you’re looking to get hold of one, you can always swap with other collectors using the Change Checker Swap Centre or the Change Checker Community Facebook group.

Precious Metal SELL OUTS!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that these coins have been popular amongst collectors, in fact, within just hours of release, many of the precious metal specificat­ions were no longer available at the Mint and now only the Brilliant Uncirculat­ed coins are left available.

The demand we’ve seen for these coins has surpassed all recent releases and is set to continue as we count down to the Platinum Jubilee celebratio­ns in June. Street parties, parades, lighting of the beacons and a four-day weekend are set to get the nation in a celebrator­y spirit and, with such wonderful coins released for collectors, we will be able to preserve these precious moments for generation­s to come.

Whilst a number of key specificat­ions have now sold out, you can still secure your Platinum Jubilee coins in Brilliant Uncirculat­ed quality and shop the full range with prices starting from just £4.50 (+p&p). Head to www.changechec­ker. org/22Jubilee to find out more.

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