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Earlier this year The Royal Mint launched a commemorat­ive £2 coin celebratin­g the life and legacy of national treasure Dame Vera Lynn. The £2 coin features a detailed portrait of Dame Vera as she appeared during the height of her fame.

Dame Vera Lynn’s iconic renditions of classic songs such as ‘We’ll Meet Again’ earned her a place in the hearts of many and she will be remembered for her hard work during the Second World War, when she entertaine­d the troops and boosted morale.

The reverse design of the £2 coin features a detailed portrait of Dame Vera accompanie­d by her name and the dates of her life. In reference to her most famous release, the coin features an edge inscriptio­n that reads ‘WE’LL MEET AGAIN’. Synonymous with Dame Vera, the wartime classic was a wireless staple during the Second World War that resonated with the countless soldiers who had left their families behind.

So what versions of the £2 coin are available? The coin was not entered into circulatio­n, and so collectors will need to buy the coin from The Royal Mint. A 5oz

Gold Proof Coin had a mintage of just 35, and retailed for £11,430; a 350 Gold Proof Coins were issued (rrp £1,125); a oz Silver Proof Coin retailed at £465 and 240 copies were made, whilst a Silver Proof Piedfort

Coin had a mintage of 1,175 and a price tag of £1,175.50. A little cheaper was the 3,500 Silver Proof Coins at £72.50, and most collectors would have purchased the Brilliant Uncirculat­ed Coin with an unlimited mintage and a price of £10.

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