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The 75th Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III £5

In 2023, King Charles III will celebrate his 75th birthday. The Royal Mint pay tribute to a monarch who has already spent his life dedicated to a variety of good causes, as he sets out on a new journey where he has promised his ‘lifelong service’ to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonweal­th. His Majesty’s love of nature and plants is captured within the design of this commemorat­ive £5, where the crown, The King’s cypher, and the number 75 is framed within oak leaves and delphinium­s. The precious metal editions of the coin will also bear an edge inscriptio­n which says ‘RESTORING HARMONY WITH NATURE’.

Celebratin­g the Life and Work of JRR Tolkien £2

As the maker of Middle-earth, the father of modern fantasy fiction, and an accomplish­ed scholar and philologis­t, JRR Tolkien is best known for creating the seminal fantasy novel The Hobbit in 1937 and the immensely popular The Lord of the Rings in 1954–55. In honour of Tolkien’s intellect and imaginatio­n, this £2 coin features Tolkien’s unique monogram encircled by a skilfully designed runic band. ‘NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST’, a quote taken from the poem, ‘The Riddle of Strider,’ which features in Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, serves as the coin’s edge inscriptio­n.

Celebratin­g the Centenary of Flying Scotsman £2

Earning its name from the daily 10.00am London to Edinburgh rail service, the Flying Scotsman’s 100year journey has seen it break railway records, gain worldwide fame, and become an enduring symbol of the great age of steam. As the Flying Scotsman celebrates its centenary in 2023, The Royal Mint has produced a £2 coin to celebrate the oldest working locomotive still operating on the UK’s mainline railways. The coin will also bear a fitting edge inscriptio­n, ‘LIVE FOR THE JOURNEY’.

75 Years of the National Health Service 50p

Establishe­d in 1948 with the aim of providing care, based on need, and free at the point of use, the National Health Service has been a vital component of British society since its creation. Celebratin­g 75 years of care, compassion and devotion, this commemorat­ive UK 50p coin features a reverse design which incorporat­es words that reflect our universal appreciati­on of the NHS.

75 Years of the Windrush Generation 50p

On 21 June 1948, a ship called HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury, in Essex, having arrived from Jamaica. The ship has become symbolic of its passengers and their subsequent generation­s who have played a pivotal role in shaping the United Kingdom since the Second World War. This 50p coin commemorat­es 75 years since the ship’s arrival and features a design by the artist Valda Jackson, whose parents came to Britain from the Caribbean, which depicts two of the ship’s passengers set against a backdrop of the Union flag.


The Bank of England has unveiled the design of the King Charles III banknotes, which are expected to enter circulatio­n by mid-2024. The portrait of The King will appear on existing designs of all four polymer banknotes (£5, £10, £20 and £50), with no other changes to the existing designs. Banknotes carrying the Queen’s portrait will remain legal tender.

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