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TOGMAC sale at Excalibur!


Excalibur Auctions is excited to present the largest collection of unique automobile­s in 1/43 scale, charting the history of motor cars and motor racing around the world. The private collection titled The Old Garage Model Automobile Collection (TOGMAC) comprises over 6,500 cars and more than 600 different makes of car. It has been amassed over 50 years and painstakin­gly documented and photograph­ed as a virtual museum online at www.togmac. com by a passionate private collector. The collection features rare and unusual examples, alongside more wellknown models and offers collectors and enthusiast­s a rare opportunit­y to obtain a unique piece of motoring history.

Speaking about the collection Jonathan Torode of Excalibur Auctions said: “We are so proud to have been appointed to sell this complete original collection of automobile­s for auction. It literally charts the history of the genre, not just in the UK but around the globe and has some spectacula­r rare and little known models from both mainstream and artisan manufactur­ers that will be highly sought-after by collectors far and wide.”

Speaking about his collection, the private collector tells us: “Automotive design has always interested me, from the 1950’s onwards, and as a graphic design student in London, I wrote my final year’s thesis on car design. I am not a technical person – my interest is in the overall external look of a car, plus the history of the companies worldwide who have manufactur­ed the vehicles. I have been very fortunate to have coupled my interest in design with opportunit­ies to travel extensivel­y; art galleries, transport museums, car collection­s and visits to historic racing circuits have always been top of my list! I have also been lucky enough to have owned many cars – some of which are now regarded as ‘classics’, such as the original Mini, the Rover SD1, the mid1970’s Aston Martin V8, and later, seven Jaguar XJS’s.”

When asked why he’s selling now, he says: “I’d rather hand them on for other collectors to enjoy.”

The collection is so extensive (6,500 cars with over 600 different makes of car), that it will be offered in a series of four sales, the first will feature cars from the USA, Japan, Rest of the World, American Racing Cars plus TV, Film & Comic related models, while other major European countries, the UK and other racing genres and Land Speed Record cars will be covered in later sales. It will take place at Excalibur Auctions on 5 November 2022.■

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