Why is Su­per­fetch hog­ging my CPU?

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QI was pok­ing around in Task Man­ager when I saw Su­per­fetch reg­u­larly oc­cu­py­ing a large per­cent­age of my PC’S pro­ces­sor time, with fig­ures up­wards of 50 per cent dis­played in the CPU col­umn. It seems to be only for a few sec­onds each time but it’s hap­pen­ing a lot. I have no idea what’s caus­ing this but it seems a bit odd to me. Can you ad­vise?

Phil Hast­ings

ASu­per­fetch is a Win­dows back­ground process that loads con­tent into your mem­ory it thinks you’ll need next, based on how you’re us­ing your PC. As such, it’s quite nor­mal for it to reg­u­larly jump to the top of the CPU col­umn.

How­ever, while Su­per­fetch some­times ap­pears to be us­ing a lot of pro­ces­sor time, what’s less ob­vi­ous is the time that it saves you. In­for­ma­tion pre­loaded by this ser­vice doesn’t have to be pulled from the com­puter’s hard drive so, if or when your PC or pro­gram needs that data, Su­per­fetch will serve it up im­me­di­ately.

The ser­vice can be eas­ily dis­abled but do­ing so is un­likely to speed up your PC. In­deed, switch­ing off Su­per­fetch will prob­a­bly slow things down (pre­cisely be­cause it ex­ists to speed things up). Still, if you want to ex­per­i­ment then, in the Task Manger’s Pro­cesses tab, right-click ‘Ser­vice Host: Su­per­fetch’ then choose ‘Go to de­tails’ (see screen­shot above left). Task Man­ager will switch to the De­tails tab, where you’ll see a ‘sv­chost.exe’ en­try high­lighted. Right-click this, then choose ‘Go to ser­vice(s)’ (see screen­shot above). The Ser­vices tab will ap­pear, with Su­per­fetch high­lighted. Right-click this then choose Stop. To re-en­able it, re­turn here, right-click and choose Restart.

To dis­able the back­ground process Su­per­fetch click these op­tions in Task Man­ager, then choose Stop in the Ser­vices tab

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