How do I send group emails with the W10 Mail app?

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QCould you ex­plain how to send group emails in the Win­dows 10 Mail app? I’ve tried and failed to do this, so I have con­tin­ued us­ing Win­dows Live Mail. As Mi­crosoft no longer sup­ports this I want to move on. I need to send emails to lots of peo­ple in three dis­tinct groups, and they must be blind car­bon copied (BCC). It’s very time con­sum­ing hav­ing to send them all in­di­vid­u­ally.

Mick Penn

AWe’ve men­tioned be­fore that the Mail app does not of­fer the abil­ity to send group emails. We be­lieve that Mi­crosoft will even­tu­ally get around to adding such a ba­sic fea­ture, but as­sum­ing you don’t want to wait un­til the twelfth of never, it’s pos­si­ble to use Win­dows 10’s Peo­ple app to fudge a so­lu­tion.

The trick is to cre­ate a new con­tact to serve as a proxy for a group. So, to be­gin, launch Peo­ple then click the plus (‘+’) but­ton to cre­ate a new en­try. Type a suit­able name (such as ‘Chess Group’), then click in the Email Per­sonal field be­low and type as many in­di­vid­ual email ad­dresses as you need, putting a comma be­tween each one (see screen­shot), then click the Save but­ton.

Then, in Mail, com­pose an email as nor­mal. In the To field, click the ‘Cc & Bcc’ link, then click the Peo­ple icon just to the right of the Bcc field. Click to se­lect the rel­e­vant group and then click the Email Per­sonal field, which will insert all the email ad­dresses as­so­ci­ated with this ‘con­tact’. Now just type your email and click Send when ready.

To send group emails in Mail, cre­ate a con­tact with mul­ti­ple email ad­dresses in the Peo­ple app

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