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Your Win­dows and hard­ware prob­lems solved

I re­cently pur­chased an Epson Work­Force WF-7720DTWF mul­ti­func­tion pe­riph­eral (MFP) to re­place an age­ing HP Pho­to­s­mart C6280. My ini­tial ex­pe­ri­ence is that its print­ing and scan­ning are very good, but I have a prob­lem that sours the whole ex­pe­ri­ence. If I try to scan from a com­puter as a stan­dard user (ie, with­out ad­min­is­tra­tor priv­i­leges), I get a se­ries of er­ror mes­sages, which is ex­tremely in­con­ve­nient and makes it im­pos­si­ble to im­port into another pro­gram. I have a sim­i­lar is­sue if I try to scan on the de­vice it­self and choose the com­puter as the desti­na­tion.

As a fam­ily, we have sev­eral com­put­ers that cur­rently run Win­dows 10 ver­sion 1709. The sys­tems are set up with an ad­min ac­count, but every­day work is done through stan­dard user ac­counts. On any of these sys­tems, if a user starts the Epson Scan 2 ap­pli­ca­tion they im­me­di­ately get the er­ror mes­sage, ‘Un­able to cre­ate a work folder in the spec­i­fied lo­ca­tion. The de­fault lo­ca­tion will be used in­stead.’ If they click on the OK but­ton they see the mes­sage ‘Con­nect­ing to the scan­ner’, but then there are three more of the first er­ror mes­sages be­fore Scan 2 ac­tu­ally starts.

We see the same er­ror mes­sage ev­ery time a set­ting is changed, and again when we click Pre­view or Scan. If I’m try­ing to im­port into Pain­tShop Pro I might see the er­ror more than 20 times, and the im­port can fail. We never used to have any such prob­lem with our HP Pho­to­s­mart. All of the Epson soft­ware has been up­dated, but the only way to scan with­out is­sues is to log in as an ad­min­is­tra­tor.

I’ve been in touch with Epson, whose only real advice has been for me to use an ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­count when scan­ning, which seems an in­ap­pro­pri­ate se­cu­rity risk in to­day’s environment. Epson also sug­gested that I should move the work folder to an ac­ces­si­ble lo­ca­tion, but didn’t tell me what it’s called or where it’s cur­rently lo­cated.

De­spite spend­ing a lot of time search­ing I have been un­able to find it, and be­sides it ap­pears that there’s no op­tion in the soft­ware or in­staller to spec­ify an al­ter­na­tive lo­ca­tion. Can you help? IM Wil­liams

We weren’t able to re-cre­ate your is­sue with our test PC, which may be a good thing: given that you have the prob­lem on all of your sys­tems, the fact that we can’t re-cre­ate it sug­gests that there’s some­thing com­mon to all of your PCs that’s con­tribut­ing to the prob­lem. Un­for­tu­nately, work­ing out what that is could prove chal­leng­ing.

The root of the is­sue is al­most cer­tainly re­lated to file per­mis­sions. Our in­ves­ti­ga­tions found that Epson Scan 2 cre­ates a folder within the cur­rent user’s Temp folder called ES2WorkTemp. In your case, it seems that the soft­ware ei­ther can’t cre­ate that folder or it can’t save any files to it.

You can con­firm our the­ory and shed a bit more light on the prob­lem by man­u­ally ex­plor­ing your Temp folder. Log in as a stan­dard user, open an Ex­plorer win­dow, over­write what’s in the ad­dress bar with

%temp% (in­clude the % signs), then press En­ter. This should bring up the con­tents of the cur­rently logged-in user’s temp di­rec­tory: the path will prob­a­bly be C:\Users\NAME\ Ap­pData\Lo­cal\Temp, where NAME is the user’s ac­count name.

If, when you try to open the Temp folder, you see the mes­sage, ‘Win­dows can’t find C:\ Users\NAME\Ap­pData\ Lo­cal\Temp’, nav­i­gate to C:\Users and dou­bleclick NAME. When prompted, click Con­tinue and pro­vide ad­min­is­tra­tive cre­den­tials.

If Scan 2 were work­ing nor­mally, within the Temp folder you would see the ES2WorkTemp folder, and you would be able to open it and ex­plore its con­tents. If you do see it, try right-click­ing in the folder, choos­ing New and cre­at­ing a new text file. If at any point you see the mes­sage, ‘You don’t cur­rently have per­mis­sion to ac­cess this folder’, click Con­tinue and pro­vide ad­min­is­tra­tive cre­den­tials when prompted.

As­sum­ing you don’t get any fur­ther er­ror mes­sages, try scan­ning again; there’s a good chance that ei­ther of the above steps will have fixed the prob­lem.

⬆ Epson Scan 2 needs to cre­ate a tem­po­rary work folder within the user’s Temp folder

⬆ Check, and if nec­es­sary re­in­state, your per­mis­sions to ac­cess your own Temp folder

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