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In Ex­cel, I have a set of dates in a col­umn. How­ever, some have been added as dates, oth­ers have been en­tered as text. I only found this out when I was at­tempt­ing to work with the dates and got an er­ror mes­sage in some cells. How can I sort in date or­der when some of the cells aren’t dates? Dar­ren Young

The short an­swer is that you can’t. What you can do is to cre­ate another col­umn where you con­vert the cells so they’re all dates. You can use a for­mula such as this:

=IF( IS TEXT( A 1), DATE VALUE( A 1), A 1)

What this for­mula says is that if the value in cell A1 is text, then it should be con­verted to its equiv­a­lent date value. If it isn’t text, we can then as­sume that it’s a date, so you can pull it across with­out mak­ing any changes to the cell. Once you’ve done that, you can then sort on your new date col­umn.

⬆ You can use IsText and DateValue to con­vert text dates to true dates in Ex­cel

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