HAVE YOU MET..? Talk­ing to Aus­tralian ac­tor Louis Hunter set us up for a very g’day

There aren’t many men who can make a gladiator san­dal look as ap­peal­ing as this Aus­tralian ac­tor

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The most mis­un­der­stood thing about men?

When we ask what you feel like eat­ing, it’s not a trick ques­tion. Prom­ise.

The worst date you’ve ever had?

For a while, I did am­a­teur box­ing and once got punched in the mouth so hard the day be­fore a brunch date that I couldn’t eat any­thing, apart from lit­tle sliv­ers of fruit. I could also barely talk to her be­cause my face was swollen.

Weird­est crush?

Willem Dafoe. I just saw him in The Flor­ida Project, and he’s so tal­ented, which al­ways makes peo­ple at­trac­tive. So maybe it’s not that weird.

The last time you cried?

This morn­ing, due to jet lag. I woke up at mid­night and couldn’t fall back to sleep.

Most em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment?

At one audition I said I was a lit­tle more ex­pe­ri­enced in dance than I am. I had to learn a salsa piece, then per­form it, alone, in front of 200 pro­fes­sional dancers. I felt like cry­ing, but was some­how of­fered the role.

What are you afraid of?

Spi­ders. When I was a kid, one jumped on my hand and bit me – I had to be rushed to hospi­tal.

The most ro­man­tic thing you’ve ever done?

For­given some­one.

What is your great­est love?

My fam­ily comes first, but act­ing’s al­ways been an is­land of san­ity within a sea of chaos.

See Louis in Troy: Fall Of A City, BBC One & BBC iPlayer

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