LET IT JUJU-BE Berries: set to be big­ger than The Bea­tles?

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We’ve fi­nally learned how to pro­nounce acai, added pond (OK, spir­ulina, same dif­fer­ence) to our smooth­ies and con­vinced our­selves that turmeric lat­tes are bet­ter than a reg­u­lar cup of Joe. And now there’s a new su­per­food in town to get our taste­buds (and vo­cab­u­lary) around: the ju­jube. Thank­fully fairly easy to pro­nounce (joo-joob), this berry gives us 115% of our RDA of vi­ta­min C,* plus min­er­als, phy­tonu­tri­ents and 18 of the 24 amino acids our bod­ies need to build mus­cle and func­tion prop­erly. Even bet­ter news? They don’t taste like your grand­dad’s in­soles – eaten fresh, they’re akin to a sweet ap­ple. You can get dried ones (which taste like dates) to snack on from Ocado.com (£1.99). Maybe this is one health craze that’ll ac­tu­ally be a hit.

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