WORST DATES EVER A date who thinks we’re sort of pretty… from very far away. No, thanks

Hey, we’ve all been there…

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We went for drinks, then din­ner. At the restau­rant, he re­alised he’d left his lap­top bag in the pub and started freak­ing out. He cried, then called the bar re­peat­edly un­til they picked up and told him it was still there. APRIL, 25 My date de­clared that “Hitler wasn’t ac­tu­ally such a bad guy”, and “if he hadn’t lost the war, he’d be a na­tional hero”. MAGGI, 22 He can­celled on me 10 min­utes be­fore our date be­cause his grand­dad was sick. Weeks later, we fi­nally met and were talk­ing about past dates. He said that he’d never stood any­one up, but had made ex­cuses not to go... such as his grand­dad be­ing ill. GABRIELLA, 25 Pre-date, he texted ask­ing if I was on birth con­trol be­cause “Daddy has an im­preg­na­tion fetish”. HE RE­TURNED FROM THE TOI­LET, PUSHED MY HAIR BACK AND GRUNTED, “YOU SORT OF LOOK LIKE A MODEL… FROM FAR AWAY.” SO­PHIE, 30

He can­celled our din­ner, sug­gest­ing we go for drinks with his fe­male friend in­stead. At the bar, he told me to buy her a drink, kissed her, then said, “We’re all go­ing to have a good time tonight.” I left im­me­di­ately.

AISHA, 27 I DROVE US TO A RUGBY MATCH, BUT MY DATE WAS SO HUN­GOVER, I HAD TO STOP THE CAR SO HE COULD VOMIT. HE THEN ASKED TO BE DROPPED AT A FRIEND’S HOUSE SO HE COULD CARRY ON DRINK­ING. I WENT TO THE GAME WITH MY EX IN­STEAD. MADI­SON, 22 The day af­ter our date, I mes­saged to tell him we should just be friends. His re­ply? “We’ll see,” fol­lowed by three skull emo­jis. He pulled out my Tin­der pro­file and started com­par­ing my pho­tos to my face, telling me how the light­ing made my fea­tures look dif­fer­ent.

LIV, 29


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