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HAVE YOU MET..? Glen Powell likens himself to a colouring book *Franticall­y grabs felt tips*

Glen Powell This actor’s not afraid to cry – sorry – get ‘misty’…

- ✱ See Glen in Set It Up, on Netflix from 15th June

Age 29

Hometown Austin, Texas

Big break: Landing the role of Thorn in The Expendable­s 3 alongside Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

Crazy fact #1: Remember the really cute astronaut in Hidden Figures? That was Glen.

Crazy fact #2: Glen’s housemate is Chord Overstreet who played Sam Evans in Glee.

Greatest love of your life?

My family.

Most romantic thing you’ve done?

A gentleman doesn’t kiss, recreate the rain scene in The Notebook, and tell.

Worst date ever?

In high school I drove a 1990 Toyota Previa with plastic spinners and neons. I went to pick a girl up for a date and she refused to get into the car. Sometimes uptown girls aren’t looking for a downtown man. Or maybe she was intimidate­d by my plastic spinners. That was probably it.

Best advice about the opposite sex?

Never stop being adventurou­s together. Whoever you share your heart with, time should make you braver.

Best kiss of your life?

I’ve been practising on the back of my hand for years. And it’s starting to pick up some pretty good moves.

Most misunderst­ood thing about men?

We’re simple creatures. Most of us aren’t smart enough to play games. I’m about as complex as a colouring book.

Last time you cried?

My little sister, Leslie, just moved to LA. More of a happy laugh that may or may not have got a little misty.

What do you still not understand about women?

I know a trick question when I see one. Not falling for it.

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

Probably a lift mechanic.

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