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6 need-to-know facts nobody told you


STEP AWAY FROM THE SUNLOUNGER Applying sunscreen in direct sunlight increases evaporatio­n: “You can lose up to 60% of the protection,” says Cleeve. And most sunscreens need to sink in for 20 minutes before they start working, so don’t get caught out. Carry around the handy 1 La Roche-Posay SPF50+ Anthelios Pocket, £10, for quick touch-ups, or 2 Shiseido Clear Stick UV Protector SPF50+, £27. THE SPF IN YOUR MAKEUP AIN’T ENOUGH Many foundation­s don’t offer UVA protection. Plus, as cosmetic doctor Jonquille Chantrey says, “You’d need at least eight times the normal amount of foundation to get the sun protection factor specified on the bottle.” So SPF in your make-up can’t hurt, but you’ll need a broadspect­rum sunscreen underneath. Try 3 Beauty Pie Ultralight SPF25, £6.86,† for non-greasy protection.

SHADY LADIES, BEWARE Serial sun worshipper or serious sun avoider, you’re still at risk in the shade. Sorry, what? According to Cleeve, “Shelter via trees and parasols only gives protection from around 70% of UV rays.”

SOME SNACKS CAN HELP PROTECT SKIN Munchies at the ready. Bianca Estelle, founder of Bea Skin Care, says, “For extra sun protection alongside topical creams, increase your vitamin C and E intake with foods and drinks like guava, orange juice, almonds, spinach and avocado. Green tea can be particular­ly beneficial.”


FRIEND If you’re counting on your Byredo Gypsy Water perfume to bring the boys to the yard, think again. Cleeve tells us that when perfume is sprayed onto skin, the chemicals can compromise your sun protection, which is why “you often see women with speckled pigmentati­on patches on the neck and chest”. If smelling heavenly is a must, try a hair perfume, as they’re much lighter – Byredo makes those, too.


ALWAYS FUN DHA, the main ingredient in self-tan, is so strong that it can affect the efficacy of UV screens. Still, ‘new technologi­es’ by Tan Cream‡ and St.

Moriz** promise fake tan and sun protection in one. Not sold? Use self-tan (try 4 Bali Body Bronzing Lotion, £22.95) a day before sun exposure, then a good sun screen (5 Vichy Ideal Solar Protective Water,

£19) on beach day.

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