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A study† found it can take 20-40% longer to fin­ish a list of jobs when you mul­ti­task than if you work through the list in a se­quence. Num­ber your tasks in or­der of pri­or­ity, then des­ig­nate blocks of time to each. Em­ploy­ing the “au­topi­lot” tech­nique could also boost pro­duc­tiv­ity – com­bin­ing one easy task (like re­ply­ing to sim­ple emails) and one hard task can im­prove your fo­cus. Ac­cord­ing to other pro­duc­tiv­ity ex­perts, lis­ten­ing to mu­sic with a speed of about 60 beats per minute, like Vi­valdi’s Four Sea­sons: Win­ter, helps too. Cue Spo­tify.

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