MY BEST SEX EVER WAS… with a cou­ple

When Emmy* moved over­seas, she knew just how to make friends with ben­e­fits…

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I’ve al­ways had one very par­tic­u­lar fan­tasy: be­ing the “guest star” in a three­some. There’s just some­thing so hot about the idea of be­ing the new ob­ject of lust for two peo­ple –

es­pe­cially when they al­ready know each other in­ti­mately. So when I moved from Lon­don to Amer­ica, it seemed the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to give it a go – I didn’t re­ally know any­one, so I could ex­per­i­ment with a new side of my­self. I joined a dat­ing site that catered for peo­ple in re­la­tion­ships who were look­ing for oth­ers to join them in bed. I up­loaded a pro­file pic­ture and some in­for­ma­tion about my­self, then crossed my fin­gers that I wouldn’t just be ap­proached by the “keys in a bowl” type peo­ple you tend to as­so­ciate with swing­ing.

Al­most im­me­di­ately I was con­tacted by a mar­ried cou­ple. I could see that they were a lit­tle older than me – but in­cred­i­bly at­trac­tive. He had a shaved head and cheeky smile, while she had long, flame­coloured hair. We agreed to meet in a bar to see whether we’d get on. When I ar­rived, I was re­lieved to see that they were even more at­trac­tive in the flesh. And, af­ter a few drinks, it was ob­vi­ous the chem­istry was there as well. We flirted a lot, and I was des­per­ate to go home with them, but we agreed to make a whole night of it an­other time.

A week later I showed up, bot­tle of Mal­bec in hand and a glass al­ready in me for Dutch courage. I was ner­vous and had no idea what to ex­pect. They ush­ered me in­side and as Nick* cooked din­ner in the kitchen, I chat­ted with So­phie* in the liv­ing room, our legs curled up be­neath us. We had a few glasses of wine and just talked for ages, but ev­ery now and then she’d reach over and stroke me on the leg or the arm. Be­ing alone with her first put me to­tally at ease – and by the time she kissed me, I was more than ready to take it a step fur­ther. We kissed a few times, her hands ca­ress­ing me all over, and af­ter a while, Nick left his cook­ing be­hind and came over to watch.

Still kiss­ing, So­phie gen­tly pulled me up and we all went through to the bed­room. On the bed, Nick be­gan to stroke my thighs and be­tween my legs. So­phie kissed me all the way down my body, and then be­gan to go down on me. Nick then stood be­hind her and pulled her hips to­wards him, so he could take her from be­hind, while she con­tin­ued to lick and tease me. She started moan­ing louder and louder as he pushed deeper into her. I could feel the vi­bra­tions of her moans as she car­ried on, ex­pertly touch­ing me. Watch­ing his face, I knew he was lov­ing his view. When he caught my eye, it seemed to push him over the edge and he came in­side her. She then be­gan to or­gasm, which led me to cli­max at the same time. It’s so tricky for that to hap­pen with two peo­ple, so the fact it was hap­pen­ing to all three of us to­gether was one of the hottest things I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced.

We all laid on the bed and caught our breath, with me ly­ing be­tween them, my skin still tin­gling as they both stroked me, and we laughed, half in shock about what had hap­pened. Af­ter the pil­low talk, I dressed and he drove me home – with both in­sist­ing I took a Tup­per­ware con­tainer filled with leftovers from din­ner.

“We all laid on the bed and caught our breath”

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