Two for­mer lovers find out if ex marks the spot

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I was 16 when I first met Ryan. It was 2012 and I’d just come out of my emo phase. I’d sneaked into a bar with a guy friend and some of his mates, and was com­plain­ing to him about how boys were “such ar­se­holes”. Im­me­di­ately, my friend dragged Ryan over and pushed him into me. He just grabbed my hand and kissed it. His silli­ness had me hooked. When my dad met my mum, it took him two years to ask her out. I wanted that – some­one to be a bit ner­vous around me. Ryan turned bright red and couldn’t look me in the eye, so he ticked that box. Af­ter three months, I was as in love as a 16-year-old could be.

We lived far apart and nei­ther of us could drive, so we weren’t able to meet up of­ten. Once, on a rare day trip to Manch­ester, I was ad­mir­ing some deca­dent choco­lates, and he se­cretly bought them for me. They were the wrong flavour, but it was still cute. When he first told me he loved me, I was pas­sion­ately de­scrib­ing my favourite tea, and he just blurted it out.

But then, three months later, it be­came ob­vi­ous we were on very dif­fer­ent paths. He wanted to stay in Cumbria; I wanted to travel and go to univer­sity. I called him up and broke it off, which was a sh*t thing to do af­ter six months to­gether, but it wasn’t too ex­plo­sive – he un­der­stood.

It was weird to see him six years later. He looked the same, but he’s im­proved with age – all beard and tat­toos. He was less ner­vous, but I think his mind was still go­ing a mile a minute. To­wards the end of the night I took my hair down and he just stared at me, say­ing “wow…” over and over. He said I was the one that got away, which was quite full on, but it didn’t scare me. It was nice to re­con­nect.

Ge­or­gia and Ryan in 2012

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