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It can be hard to know what colours to wear on the rest of your face when you’re rocking a bright eye, but it’s actually easier than you think.


“Unless you’re going for something that’s a deliberate clash, pick a shade with a similar undertone,” says Wolff. “For example, if you’re doing a purple eye, I would use something a little bit cool-toned on the lips.” To help you out even more, Hughes has a general rule of thumb when picking the perfect cool-toned lip to accompany your bright eyeshadow: fairer skins should look for a lipstick with a tiny bit of grey in it (just so it’s not peachy), and medium to deep skins, look out for brown undertones.

 ??  ?? Stylish and hides an overdue brow appointmen­t
Stylish and hides an overdue brow appointmen­t

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