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Known for… Being removed from Big Brother for flashing contestant­s. Now: Is a personal stylist, shopper and model.

“I watched Big Brother when it was the biggest show on TV. Back then you could be loved, hated and then loved again. I was turned into the ‘flamboyant gay’ stereotype ‘they’ wanted. It showed me there’s just one way now: loved or hated. When you’re in the public eye, you’re signing yourself over to the devil – the one chance you get can make you or break you. I didn’t have a clue what I was signing myself up to. I was shocked.

Since the show, my confidence has been knocked, I undermine myself a lot and I feel different. I’m still spotted on the London gay scene – people either hate you or fancy you. I’ve had people throw drinks at me, shouting in the street that they f*cking hate me. I can’t walk into a club alone. When you’re famous, people forget you’re human. When I watched Big Brother back, they cut out parts of the conversati­on and what was portrayed to the public looked really bad. I was offered another reality show afterwards, but never again.”

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