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First love

Each month, we send two former lovers on a date to see what happens


“I kick myself for not holding onto him” Brontë, 24, is a singer-songwriter from Brighton

I wasn’t looking for a relationsh­ip when I met Josh. It was three years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party and our mates had predicted we’d get on. We’re both outlandish and colourful, and I instantly sensed we had the same energy. He’s charismati­c with a great sense of humour, and I loved what he was wearing – a shirt, jeans and Dr Martens. I’d like to say he made the first move but we were both pretty forward.

The age gap didn’t bother me; I fell in love with Josh’s positive outlook on everything, whether it was running out of money or just missing a train. He makes any situation fun. We’d always be cooking for each other or going to the pub – nothing lavish, but it was what we both enjoyed.

We were only together for a few months, but it ended healthily. It was mutual. We were both too busy in our own little worlds. I’d just finished university and planned to work overseas. I wanted to focus on my career, and having something tying me down to Bristol, where we both lived, felt restrictiv­e. If work hadn’t been a factor, maybe we would have stayed together. But it was the best decision for me at the time.

I last saw Josh over a year ago when we bumped into each other at a French airport. It was a crazy coincidenc­e! We just chatted, but meeting up on the date was the first time we’ve sat down one-on-one since. It reminded me how great he is, and made me kick myself a bit, knowing I could have held onto something amazing back then. We went for a drink after and met one of my friends, who told me we’re a perfect match. I’m deciding whether she’s right.

“I fell for her straight away” Josh, 32, is a composer from Bath

It was Brontë’s bright red hair and beautiful face that struck me when I first saw her. I loved how bold and funny she was, and she was very flirtatiou­s. I think I fell for her straight away. The day after we met, I went home and watched every single video of her singing on Facebook. She’s amazingly talented, and as soon as I heard her music, I fell in love.

Our relationsh­ip was endless fun. We were both living in Bristol at the time, and would walk aimlessly around the city for hours together, always ending up at The Canteen – Bristol’s artsy haunt. We’re both musicians, so we felt right at home together exploring the coolest venues. I don’t remember any big arguments. It just felt like we were always laughing.

It was a mutual decision to end things. We were both focusing on our careers and decided it was best to concentrat­e on our separate dreams. For me, it felt like the wrong time to continue a serious relationsh­ip.

We hadn’t seen each other for over a year when we met on the date, but it was amazing to see Brontë again. Her captivatin­g giggles and constant banter helped to keep me calm. We were back to our old ways, effortless­ly bouncing off one another. I thought she looked gorgeous. As soon as we locked eyes again, I instantly felt a connection between us. That definitely hasn’t gone away.

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