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Cinema’s shittiest boyfriends

If, like us, you’ve been rewatching a lot of films, you may have noticed that the men in some movies SUCK. Here are the worst


Warner Huntington III LEGALLY BLONDE

The case: He’s full of himself, describes their relationsh­ip as “dicking around” and then dumps Elle when he gets a place at Harvard Law School because he thinks she’s stupid. The defence: No defence for this one. He’s a class-A shit. The verdict: A “complete bonehead” as Elle so aptly puts it.


The case: Textbook sleazebagg­ery. He cheats on Bridget with another colleague, then later abandons her at a Thai airport when she is arrested for drug smuggling. Plus, he slept with Mark Darcy’s wife. The defence: He has nice hair and his posh charm is disarming. The verdict: At least he’s openly the worst.

Danny Zuko GREASE The case:

Initially kept his relationsh­ip with Sandy a secret as he was embarrasse­d by her. Sweet! Tried to make it up to her by putting on a cardigan. What a gesture. The defence: He’s a good dancer – the hips don’t lie. Although the rest of him does. The verdict: No cardigan will save you now, son.


The case: This guy tops the list of the world’s most unsupporti­ve partners. Sure, Andy’s job is intense and her editor is a psychopath, but she’s the one having to suffer. He should be mat-talking her like Jerry from Cheer, not breaking up with her for following her dream. The defence: He can cook, supposedly. Plus, those curls. The verdict: His sweet and harddone-by front isn’t fooling us.


The case: Lied to his wife about his job, doesn’t do any housework and routinely overlooks Mrs Incredible. Plus he has an underlying anger problem. The defence: Any friend of Frozone’s is a friend of ours. The verdict: A classic case of a man forcing the mental load onto his wife.

Edward Cullen TWILIGHT

The case: He’s controllin­g, creepy and has zero sense of humour. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, he sneaks into Bella’s room to watch her sleep. Honestly, call the police. The defence: His skin is sparkly, which could look cute in pictures. The verdict: Sure, he means well, but there’s only one way romance with a vampire is going to end.

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