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Everything you need to know about tiny tattoos

Completely obsessed with all the tiny tats infiltrati­ng your Insta feed? Us too. Maybe read this before opting for that knuckle stamp, though..?


remember that time when Ariana Grande accidental­ly got “barbecue grill” tattooed on her hand – an unfortunat­e misspelled translatio­n of her single 7 Rings? She took the blow well, sure, but it was a lesson to us all: think before you ink. You can’t blame her for jumping the gun – tiny tattoos are everywhere. Also, as workplaces update their dress-code requiremen­ts and society updates its prejudices, tattoos have long departed their rebellious roots, becoming more everyday than a morning Pret croissant. As pointed out by Lars Krutak, a tattoo anthropolo­gist and research associate, tattoos are now more customisab­le than ever. Gone are the days of tired, pre-designed images – the tattoo world is now your inky oyster. But why the tiny tats, I hear you ask? Firstly, miniatures are easier to hide if you ever need to (or if regret starts to kick in…). But also, the tattoo industry has seriously upped its game, tech-wise. When it comes to all the ultra-fine lines and tiny graphics we’re so obsessed with, industry innovation means tiny needles and high-tech machinery can pass with flying colours. If you don’t have a tattoo (yet), here’s everything you need to know before booking in…

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