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The pain scale Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Is it worth it?


It’s hard to say how much it’ll hurt, because no two people experience the feeling of needles on particular body parts in the same way. That said, here’s a guide to help you navigate the pain OUTER ARM

Level of pain: LOW

Imagine a scratch (or 10) from the grumpiest housecat you know. There’s more fat and muscle in this area, so this one isn’t going to be the death of you.

Yes! Go for it. RIBS

Level of pain: VERY HIGH

Like getting a deep paper cut over and over. The skin on the ribs is thin and sensitive, so if you opt for this spot, it’s going to kill. Sorry.

Depends how much you want a rib tattoo. WRIST OR ANKLE

Level of pain: HIGH

Heed the age-old proverb: the closer to the bone, the more it’ll hurt like a bitch.

Sure, if you lean into the pain. Grab a pal’s hand (and warn them to expect a broken knuckle). BEHIND THE EAR

Level of pain: AWFUL

This area has basically zero body fat so, to be frank, you’ll feel the needle jabbing at your bone repeatedly. Not ideal.

We’d say absolutely not, but only you know your pain threshold.

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