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Tattoo artist to the stars Mira Mariah (AKA Girl Knew York) advises making a mood board – it’s also useful if you’re trying to communicat­e your dream tat to a custom designer. “Start looking at what kinds of tattoos you’re attracted to,” she says. “When you see someone and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I love your tattoo,’ what is it specifical­ly that you like?” Do I have to go personal?

Let’s quickly debunk the idea that your tattoo needs to be sentimenta­l to be worthy of inking on your skin. “You have the freedom to just get tattoos that are purely ornamental. And you have the freedom to get tattoos that are incredibly significan­t. There’s also a million spaces in between,” says Mira Mariah. Validated. But… do I really want it?

That’s a toughie – we’d say when it feels right, you’ll know, because all the pros will outweigh any cons. Designwise? Set the image as your phone background for three to 12 months (depending on how unsure you are), and if you’re not bored of it by the end of this window, maybe it’s a goer.

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