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How to BREAK UP with your neutrals

Because a) we’re bored and b) bright eyeshadow is this summer’s biggest trend


ever since Urban Decay launched its Naked palette in 2010, the only shades that have blessed our eyelids have been neutral ones. In those 10 years we’ve explored browns and beiges aplenty, but it’s time for a change. Much like Joseph, we’re going technicolo­ur on you, but don’t worry, we’ve roped in the big guns to help. To prove that bright eyeshadow won’t leave you looking like your mum circa that ‘80s sepia-toned photoshoot she did, we asked the queens of colour to share their tips. So don’t listen to us, listen to make-up artists Katie Jane Hughes, Nikki Wolff and Celia Burton, whose Instagram feeds are awash with so much colour, you’ll never wear a boring beige again.

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