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Matte, glitter, shimmer, cream – with so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelmi­ng.

“I prefer bright colours in a matte texture,” says Burton. “That way the pigment does all the talking.” If you want something a little more subtle though, she recommends Glossier Skywash, £15:

“The shades are matte, but quite sheer, so the depth of colour can be controlled.” Hughes agrees, “Mattes can be trickier as the flatness can create a more blotchy texture that requires building, but pearls and metallic finishes just aren’t as bright.” Want to take things up a notch? Hughes recommends layering powders over creams to intensify the colour even more: “I’m obsessed with Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion, £18.”

For eyes that resemble a Calippo melting in the sun,

Hughes also likes to add a gloss to the centre of the eye. “You can’t stop it from creasing, which is why I only tend to do it at night, but it’s worth it for the effect.”

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