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Go easy on your base


This is the one and only time we recommend ignoring Meghan Trainor’s advice, because when it comes to colourful eyeshadow, it’s really not all about that base.

The one tip all three makeup artists shared was that a punchy eye is best suited to a lighter, more natural canvas. “Keep the rest of the face clean and fresh – let the eye be the statement,” advises Burton. “Dewy skin looks gorgeous with a very

matte statement eye,” she says. Wolff and Hughes both recommend skipping foundation and instead adding coverage only where needed with concealer. Not comfortabl­e consciousl­y uncoupling with your base? Try using Lottie London

Freckle Tint, £6.95, and cheating the look of bare skin by adding some faux freckles. Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Purrrl, £21,

will also add a glass-like glow to skin that otherwise looks a little flat. Oh, and don’t forget Burton’s top tip: apply your eyeshadow first to avoid ruining your base with luminous green fallout. ◆

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