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“I was very naive about the impact BB would have”



Known for… Getting it on with BB housemate Makosi in the jacuzzi and her resulting pregnancy scare. Now: Runs a men’s barber shop.

“Before Big Brother, I’d never been to London before. It was surreal. I was in awe of the show so getting into the house was a real high. I was very naive about how much of an impact Big Brother would have on my life, though. You’re on a real high, and fame was fun, but once you’ve done it, there’s a lull. I was asked to do a PA and had no idea what it was, but got a load of money to

go to a nightclub and drink for free. When the fame and money dries up you find yourself getting back into the normal world, and you’ve got to have measures in place – luckily for me I had a very good support network. Mindset is key to surviving fame. There were tough moments too – unprovoked, I was attacked in a club. I see myself as a normal lad, whereas some people may see me as ‘the dickhead from BB who thinks he’s great’. But I got a payout after News Of The World hacked my phone in 2006 and that helped me [financiall­y]. I only have positives to say about being on the show.”

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