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MINDFUL MAKE-UP “Self-care is essential for good mental health”


The idea that it might not necessaril­y just be the pop of rosy blush or the glowy bronzer across my cheeks that’s brightenin­g my mood,

but, in fact, the act of applying the make-up as well – taking that time out for my self-care routine every morning – is intriguing to me. Could the ritual of artfully applying a red lipstick every day actually bring me more joy than the cherry-red shade itself?

MacGregor describes self-care as “an expression of self-love that’s essential for good mental health”. She explains that feeling positive about ourselves can be highly beneficial to both our bodies and our minds. “There is a wealth of scientific evidence that feeling happier about who you are leads to better physical and mental health.”

For psychologi­st Dr Martina Paglia, from The Internatio­nal Psychology Clinic, it’s all about doing something enjoyable to soothe your mind. “Sometimes we get so absorbed in work and chores that we completely forget to spare some time for leisure ‘me’ time. Engaging in enjoyable activities like a skincare routine or applying make-up can have a soothing impact on both your mind and body.” Those moments away from the stress of the outside world are the key to giving our minds a break.

“Taking the time on a daily basis to focus on make-up and skincare can benefit you in the long term, as it brings a sense of fulfilment,” says Dr Paglia. “Especially if you combine the practice of mindfulnes­s while engaging in such pleasurabl­e and

comforting activities.” Which makes sense when you think about it. Taking some “me time”, drinking a cup of tea, soaking in a lavendersc­ented bath, sweeping on your favourite eyeshadow every morning… sure it may sound a little clichéd, but if it ain’t broke…

So while it’s fair to say that the act of applying make-up can bring us comfort, most experts seem to believe that our joy is sparked by a combinatio­n of things – taking the time out to focus on self-care, the familiarit­y of our morning routine, and, of course, the end result, that we want to look and feel our best.

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