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If your job’s getting you down, try to pinpoint where the problem lies.

During one week, list all the tasks expected of you in your role and note down which of them leave you…

Flatlining (boring tasks that leave you frustrated)

Warming up (tasks that pique your interest)

All fired up (tasks and actions that make you feel energised)

For example, stock-counts may leave you “flatlining”, holding creative sessions for a new product may have you “warming up”, and facilitati­ng a workshop might get you “all fired up”. Doing this exercise will help you see what really annoys you and where you aren’t being stretched. Try to take the tasks you love and lean into them, and see what you might be able to delegate. To break it down even further, keep a time diary for a week, noting down how long you spend on each task. If the ratio of “flatlining” to “all fired up” isn’t where you’d like it to be, find solutions to minimise the time you spend on the boring “flatlining” stuff, such as creating email templates you can use again and again.

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