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The digi detox


There’s been a lot of news recently,

hasn’t there? And while it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, it’s also important to completely switch off sometimes for the good of your mental health. We’re talking somewhere with no wi-fi and a really dodgy phone signal – or somewhere that actually takes away your phone (gulp), like the Digital Detox Cabin (right), hidden deep in the Essex countrysid­e. Here, your smartphone gets locked in a box and you’re handed an old Nokia in case you need to call the team, giving you plenty of time to take pictures on the cabin’s Polaroid camera, play tapes on the cassette player, read books or write postcards, which are thoughtful­ly provided. For dinner, stroll over to the Axe & Compasses pub for a satisfying meal.

If a group of you want to leave the worldwide news behind for a weekend, book off-grid Sandy Toes Beach House, which sleeps five (from £285 per night; Canopyands­ on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

It’s a remote, rustic cabin right on Shell Beach with a wood-burner, boardgames and paddleboar­ding to divert your attention from scrolling.

 ??  ?? Where missing calls is mandatory
From £130 per night; Canopyand
Where missing calls is mandatory From £130 per night; Canopyand
 ??  ?? Sandy Toes Beach House
Sandy Toes Beach House

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