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What happened to Hear’Say?

It’s been 20 years since Popstars brought together five unknowns to create the (not so commercial­ly resilient) pop group. So where are they now?


KYM MARSH Remind me:

After being picked to join the band, Kym was quickly crowned reality TV royalty. She became famous for being outspoken in interviews and dating EastEnders’ Jack Ryder. Known for: Her scandalous decision to leave the group after just 11 months. She later revealed that clashes with other bandmates had been part of that decision. Drama!

What’s she been up to?

She played Michelle Connor in Corrie for 13 years. Now she’s a presenter on BBC show Morning Live.


With his East End accent and happy charm, Danny was a fan favourite. They even forgave him for clicking his fingers incessantl­y through every single song in his audition.

Known for: He showed up for his first day at Popstars with the flu, and coughed through his performanc­e of Livin’ La Vida Loca. Catchy.

What’s he been up to? He popped up in an audition for The Voice in 2013 but didn’t get to the next stage on the show. Nowadays, he tours with his own live act, Danny Foster & The Big Soul Corporatio­n, singing soul and Motown hits. Win.


He was the cheeky Welsh lad who told the cameras at his audition that he wanted to be in the band because “I’m fed up of being skint”. Known for:

Showing up at the Cardiff auditions for Popstars in a shell necklace. Despite this, nanas across the country still called him “handsome”. What’s he been up to? Noel went on to have a successful theatre career, with roles in We Will Rock You, Flashdance and Grease, and a little cameo in Gavin And Stacey.


As a classicall­y trained singer and pianist, Myleene was thought of as the real musician of the group. Especially when she whipped out a Celine Dion song in her audition.

Known for: Being the one everyone either fancied or wanted to be mates with. Plus, that hair.

What’s she been up to?

Myleene is a legitimate famous person now – she had a solo career, appeared on I’m A Celeb, and hosts a show on Smooth Radio.


She was thought of as the baby of the group, and was only 21 when the band split. She also had those razor-thin brows we all wanted. Known for: The moment when her voice cracked as she went for the high note in S Club 7’s Reach. Sorry,


What’s she been up to?

Suzanne has also made a name for herself in musical theatre, and had roles in The Bill and Emmerdale.


He joined the group in 2002, replacing Kym Marsh. But no amount of fake tan and frosted tips could save the group at this point; they broke up for good eight months later. Spiky hair and bootcut jeans. Trendy.

Known for: What’s he been up to?

In a delightful­ly Noughties turn of events, he’s now married to Lisa Scott-Lee of Steps. He also runs a performing arts business and does a bit of theatre work.

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