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My best sex ever was... mutual masturbati­on

For Nicola*, it was a case of no penetratio­n, no problem


I’d known Andy* for ages; we met through friends and mostly hung out in a group, but over the past year we’d started spending more time together one-on-one. We flirted, teasing each other about being more than just friends, but we were both in relationsh­ips so knew it was forbidden. Nonetheles­s, we carried on seeing each other and the sexual tension grew.

When both our relationsh­ips came to an end, I texted him, inviting him for a walk. It was the first time we were able to be fully alone, both single. I had been finding it frustratin­g holding back, but finally we could connect freely.

As we walked along narrow footpaths in a nearby wood, the bushes pressed us closer together. I would trip occasional­ly, and he’d catch me. These brief moments were the first time we’d physically touched, and I could no longer deny how attracted I was to him. We sat on a secluded log and I rested my head on his shoulder. I could feel his breath brush down my neck and onto my breasts, making my nipples perk with excitement. I didn’t know where we stood – this closeness was new ground.

I moved closer into his body and could feel his erection through his trousers. Propping my feet up on the log, I parted my legs and brushed my skirt aside. I trailed my fingers between my thighs, pulled my underwear away, and started gently stroking my clit. It felt like the natural thing to do – we didn’t need to talk about it. He unzipped his trousers and joined in.

The fear of being caught added to the arousal. As I got wetter, I rubbed myself faster and faster. I lay my head in his lap and watched as Andy groaned with every stroke, before I placed my other hand on his penis, copying the movements.

His hand slipped under my knickers and he mimicked my fingers. Part of me was tempted to go further than masturbati­on but we didn’t. I gripped his shaft more firmly and pushed my clit into his fingertips, begging for more. Minutes later, I came, biting my lip to muffle my moans.

It soon became clear that we weren’t alone when a train swerved around the bend, sounding a horn. We leapt up and Andy hastily fastened his jeans. I was lightheade­d from my orgasm and the adrenalin of nearly being caught. As we headed back down the footpath, the buzz coursed through me, but I knew Andy hadn’t orgasmed. As we reached my flat, I whispered, “Do you want to come in?” He replied, “I’m so glad you finally asked.”

Andy and I met up a few more times and each was as pleasurabl­e as the first. I had forgotten how shared masturbati­on could lead to such an intense experience. That encounter was one of the most erotic I’ve ever had.

“I watched as Andy groaned with every stroke”

 ??  ?? “Seriously, you do you”
“Seriously, you do you”

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