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No, you’re having too much fun enjoying summer. (OK, we are, and we bring you this issue as proof)


Winner, winner

…chicken dinner – or lunch, more accurately – on our fashion shoot (see page 110). Models Maggie, Gemma and Oma tuck into some hard-earned grub in between shots.

Bye-bye, BoJo

Dog Milo took a shine to the Boris doll on set for our feature The Women Secretly Running The Country (page 92). Such a shine, in fact, that it appears Milo still has some of the hair in his mouth. But how can we be cross? Just look at that face. New digs

Features director Catriona Innes needed a change of scene to write her brilliant report on suicide rates in the UK (page 86), so she worked from this gorgeous Airbnb in Bristol. Change is as good as a rest, right?

Friends reunited

Nope, not an AbFab remake (although we are here for that), but entertainm­ent ed Dusty and senior designer Alice seeing each other for the first time in aaaaages.

Walking on sunshine

Going the extra mile (literally) to road test a backpack for our Try Before You Train feature on page 42, art editor Jessica shows the lengths we’ll go to in the name of research. The upshot? It can carry a huge amount of snacks.

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