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Which reality show would you truly thrive on?

It’s an important question for our time. Walk this way to find out where you could get your 15 minutes of fame (or, er, shame)


1. It’s time to update your vision board. What are you manifestin­g?

A Finding my soulmate and then travelling the world together.

B More Instagram followers, a viral TikTok, and anything else that will build my personal #brand.

C Tapping into the most creative part of my brain and making something tangible to share with the world.

2. You’re saving up for something luxe. Which side hustle do you take on to earn extra £££?

A Running the social accounts of a local business.

B Renting out your spare room on Airbnb. Yeah, you have a spare room. C

Selling beautifull­y made DIY things, because you’re crafty like that.

3. What’s your go-to weaknessth­at’s-secretly-astrength answer in a job interview?

A “Sometimes I take on more than I have time for and stretch myself too thin.” “I can be too honest

B and direct when I give feedback – but it’s only because I hold everyone to high standards.” “I can get too caught

C up in perfecting details and forget to focus on the big picture, especially when it’s a project I really care about.”

4. Now, put on your Brutally Honest SelfAwaren­ess Hat and answer this: What’s actually your biggest flaw?

A I get intense FOMO and have been known to get a little extra when insecurity strikes.

B People have accused me of being selfcenter­ed. I question it, but whatever.

C Er, honestly, kind of the same as my answer to question 3.

5. Which petty regret are you positive will still haunt you years from now?

A The time I was 43 weeks deep in my ex’s Instagram grid and accidental­ly double-tapped. Sharing an Instagram

B Story that was a little too intimate.

C The almost-perfectlyc­rafted tweet with the glaring typo that I didn’t notice until someone had already retweeted it.

 ??  ?? When Tinder just isn’t cutting it
When Tinder just isn’t cutting it

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