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Anthony Ramos

The singer, actor and star of Hamilton talks to us about date nights, riding a scooter and lounging around in his pants (not all at the same time)


Twenty-nine-yearold Ramos had the breakthrou­gh of all breakthrou­ghs when he starred in LinManuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton on Broadway back in 2015. (Y’know, casual.) Now, between modelling for Calvin Klein and releasing music (please see his single Mind Over

Matter), he’s getting used to being everyone’s favourite movie star since the release of musical drama In The Heights. Another Lin-Manuel masterpiec­e, ICYMI, In The Heights follows the lives, struggles and relationsh­ips of a Hispanic-American community in the Washington Heights neighbourh­ood of New York City. We tracked Anthony down to answer a few crucial questions... What are you wearing right now? I just worked out. I’m wearing some orange shorts and a shortsleev­ed shirt. That’s it. Is that your go-to outfit for lounging around at home, trying to be comfy?

I mean, to be honest, I’m usually chilling at home in my underwear. We’re doing the minimum. Hey, less is more!

What have you and your fiancée (fellow Hamilton star Jasmine Cephas Jones) been doing for date nights during the pandemic?

We rock our masks and we go out, we try to have dinner, outdoor dining mostly. She and I have these scooters, so sometimes we’ll take our scooters and just ride around Brooklyn [New York]. So we’ll stop in Red Hook, we’ll stop in Dumbo… We’ll take our scooters, fold that shit up, and then we’ll stop to eat something. We do these little adventures.

Wait, that sounds fun. You mean electric scooters?

Yeah, the Segway Ninebot. They go, like, 20 miles an hour. You fold it up and just put it next to you. We might need one of these…

Do it! I’m telling you. You will not regret it.

Anthony Ramos stars in In The Heights, out now

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