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We can’t think of a better feeling than losing ourselves in a suspensefu­l storyline. Here’s our verdict on these hot-off-the-press reads…


VELVET WAS THE NIGHT by Silvia Moreno-Garcia out 17th August The lowdown

It’s 1970s Mexico City, and there’s political unrest. We meet Maite, a self-styled bore who lives vicariousl­y through the characters in her romance comics, and Elvis, a gangster with a soul who (ironically) hates violence. As the lives of the two become entangled when Maite’s neighbour goes missing, things quickly get tense – and you’re never sure who you can really trust.

Twist rating

Pacy enough to keep you hooked – as it reaches its climax, so will your heart rate.

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COLD SUN by Anita Sivakumara­n out now The lowdown

When the former wife of the British Foreign Minister becomes the fourth high-profile woman to be murdered in Bangalore, DI Vijay Patel is sent to India to assist in the investigat­ion. Patel is a Leicester-born son of Gujarati immigrants, and his first proper introducti­on to India and the culture makes this a really insightful and interestin­g read. Cold Sun is an exciting start to what should be a super-gripping new thriller series from Sivakumara­n.

Twist rating

You’ll be kept guessing as to the killer’s identity throughout, and DI Patel’s ability to wholeheart­edly throw himself into danger will have you totally hooked.

THE DAMAGE by Caitlin Wahrer out now The lowdown

In a small New England town, a family battles with the after-effects of a brutal sexual assault, as the case plays out in the courts (and the court of public opinion). A suspensefu­l family drama, with each chapter told by a different person involved in the case, it draws you in right from the get-go and constantly leaves you guessing and questionin­g – sometimes even shouting at the page.

Twist rating

The pace and the threat of violence from Tony – the older brother of the assault victim, Nick – gathers towards the finale, leading to an explosive ending you will not see coming. If you’re reading it around friends or family, expect to need to ignore them for a few hours while you finish it.

MY BEST FRIEND’S MURDER by Polly Phillips out now The lowdown

This debut from Polly Phillips, centred around toxic friendship­s and relationsh­ips, has all the ingredient­s of a great thriller, including a host of characters you’ll love to hate. Bec and Izzy have been best friends since their school days, but Bec is becoming frustrated with Izzy’s manipulati­ve behaviour. After an explosive argument, Bec returns to Izzy’s house to find her body sprawled at the bottom of the stairs – and knows that when the police begin the hunt for a killer, she’ll be the prime suspect.

Twist rating

With what feels like hundreds of twists and turns, this book will have you constantly questionin­g who the true victim is. Prepare for a lot of late nights – it’s super-addictive.

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS by Alice Feeney out 19th August The lowdown

Screenwrit­er Adam and his wife Amelia win a weekend away in remote Scotland, so they head there to celebrate their wedding anniversar­y… and to see if they can save their marriage. But both of them are hiding a lot of secrets, which begin to unravel throughout the weekend as it becomes clear that their holiday destinatio­n holds more significan­ce than either of them could ever have known. Could the mysterious woman living in the nearby cottage hold the answer?

Twist rating

Adam having prosopagno­sia, a brain disorder that means he can’t recognise people’s faces, means the reader never quite knows who’s telling the truth about who they really are.

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