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The ultimate hair-removal guide

Letting your hair grow wild and free? Go for it. If not, here’s all the info you need



How ambitious are you when it comes to removing body hair?

I’m… not? I’ll pluck a few rogue ones if and when I need to, and that’s kind of it.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

2 Is your skin sensitive?

Nope. Honestly, it’s unusually resilient.

A thousand times yes. I’m prone to bumps, cuts and ingrown hairs.

3 Would you rather spend a long time removing hair for longer-lasting results, or spend less time but need to retouch often?

I can get super-antsy, so I prefer something quick.

I’d rather go all in. I want to be hair-free for as long as humanly possible.

4 Which areas are your number-one priorities for hair removal?

Usually just large areas, like my legs or arms.

Tbh, everywhere – I like to get my face, pits, legs, the works.

5 Let’s talk pain – how much can you handle?

As long as it works and gets rid of my body hair, I can handle it.

I’m actually kind of a wimp.

6 Would you spend more £££ if it meant your hair would grow back slower?

Not if it means cutting into my future car/house/ wine-fridge savings.

Definitely. My ambition knows no bounds.

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