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Did someone say road trip?

If you’re holidaying in the UK this year, it’s the perfect time to hit the road


Who doesn’t love a road trip? Some of our favourite films feature them: Little Miss Sunshine, Thelma And Louise, Magic Mike XXL… There’s nothing quite like piling into the car and heading out on the open road, and as 2021 is the year of the staycation, it’s the perfect opportunit­y to buckle up and start exploring the UK. So here’s how to pull off an epic road trip (Channing Tatum not included. Sorry).

Start your engine

No one wants to be sat there waiting for a tow truck on the M1 two hours into their trip, so make sure your car is road-fit before you set off. Kwik Fit offers a free vehicle safety check, so you don’t have to worry about knowing your dipstick from your alternator. Trained technician­s will check your car tyres’ tread depth and pressure, test the battery, top up the coolant and screen-wash levels if needed, plus inspect your wiper blades and bulbs to ensure they’re in working order. With more than 600 centres across the UK, you can easily book your car into your nearest Kwik Fit centre, giving you total peace of mind before you start your journey.

Set the satnav

A road trip is all about the journey, and luckily the UK has lots of great coastal drives, including Scotland’s answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500. The 500-mile round trip from Inverness travels right through the heart of the Highlands. Or head along the Atlantic Highway, which winds through Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, taking in surf spots and salty beach towns along the way. If you prefer to go off-grid, you can create your own route with sites such as Roadtrippe­rs.

Prep your playlist

One of you wants Little Mix bangers; the other wants indie-rock classics. We recommend letting each passenger play DJ for a leg of the journey, and giving everyone one veto to use wisely during the trip. On a long drive, you’ll also have time to get hooked on a new podcast. Our picks? Every Little Thing, hosted by Flora Lichtman, sheds light on some of life’s little mysteries; Caroline O’Donoghue and Dolly Alderton’s Sentimenta­l In The City is great for a bit of nostalgia; and comedy agony aunts Dear Joan And Jericha will provide the laughs if you get stuck in traffic.

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