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Even you can make this indestruct­ible herb garden

Congratula­tions on becoming a plant parent! It’s not always this easy!


There’s nothing like fresh basil on a pile of tomatoes and mozzarella – but it takes patience to raise an entire herb plant. And now, because nature, water and these instructio­ns exist, you can create a simple (and very cute) herb garden in just 10 minutes. Here’s how…


Take some sprigs of almost any herb (think: basil, chives, mint, thyme, oregano) and pluck the leaves off their lower stems. Then cut each stem base at a 45° angle.


Stick your sprigs in cups or jars of tap or filtered water so that the stems are fully submerged. Place them in a spot with lots of sunlight and wait a couple of weeks for your teeny stalks to magically grow roots and more leaves. Pro tip: swap out the water when it starts looking gross.


Move your herbs to larger vessels as they grow (eg those 291 random jars in your cupboard).


Snip as needed for cooking and cocktails.

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