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Reframe what it means to be “liked”

“The word ‘like’ is rather weak. There are far stronger words, such as ‘admire’, ‘aspire to’, ‘inspire’, and so on. Maybe you should want to be seen as ‘inspiratio­nal’ rather than ‘liked’.” Professor Philip Corr

Think of what matters to you

”Getting to a point where you can be outspoken is actually just honouring your relationsh­ip with yourself. Take a breath and change the narrative before acting on a behaviour that you know will be some kind of betrayal. You have that power.” Honey Ross

Learn to say no

“Here’s the bottom line: you’ll never please everybody all the time. You may think you’re pleasing people but you’re pleasing some people. Ultimately, be true to yourself. I’ve learnt that there’s nothing more powerful or satisfying than the simple word ‘no’. And don’t always feel the need to apologise. Just say, ‘I can’t do it.’” Piers Morgan

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