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First love

Each month, we send two exes on a (virtual) date to see what happens


“He made me feel special in a way I hadn’t experience­d” Daria, 22, is a student from Vienna

Raphaël approached me first when we met in a London nightclub in September 2018. I thought he was cute – not like the typical guys you meet in clubs. He was interestin­g and funny, and I was intrigued.

We texted a lot after that, then met up for walks as friends. The more time we spent together, the more we realised we liked each other. Raphaël made me feel special and happy in a way I’d never experience­d before, and I think I fell in love after just a few months. He’d surprise me with plans – a walk around the city, a dinner, or travelling. One time, he even flew to Vienna, where I was staying with family, arriving unannounce­d. He just showed up and rang the doorbell!

Our relationsh­ip had its ups and downs, but we’d always manage to make up after an argument. In January 2019, after only a few months of dating, Raphaël asked me to move in with him. I found it hard, and needed my space, which I think played its part in the break-up.

The decision to end it came when I went to Vienna to visit family, while Raphaël stayed studying in London. We realised that we didn’t miss each other in a romantic way. We were both so young and wanted to do our own things. It was a mutual decision, but still tough.

After not seeing each other for over a year, I was happy to speak to Raphaël again on the video date. He’s still the same great person he was. We talked about everything that’s been going on in our lives, and I think we’re genuinely happy for each other.

“We weren’t meant for each other” Raphaël, 22, is a student living in London

I thought Daria looked gorgeous when I first saw her. I loved her brown eyes and her superbrigh­t smile. I wasn’t at a point in life where

I was looking for commitment, but after getting to know Daria better, I knew I enjoyed her company and felt we connected on an emotional level. Soon we were seeing each other more and more often.

At the beginning, our relationsh­ip was carefree. We were both young and wanted to experience what life had to offer. We went out, had parties and travelled together – even as far as LA, which was my favourite trip. When we moved in together, things started to feel more serious, and that’s when I realised I was in love.

After a year living as a couple, it got to the point where we were always arguing. I was at university and Daria hadn’t started yet, so I didn’t have as much free time to spend with her. I was self-centered back then, and now I know I didn’t treat her well. I’d often “hide” our relationsh­ip, avoiding posting it on social media. I didn’t open up enough emotionall­y, either. In the end, we realised we weren’t meant for each other. I think it worked out for the best.

It felt weird seeing Daria on the video date, but it brought back old memories. She still looks as pretty as when we met, and she said my hair looks better than before! She prefers living in Vienna for now, rather than in London, so I’m happy that she’s happy.

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 ??  ?? Daria and Raphaël in 2019
Daria and Raphaël in 2019
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 ??  ?? If in doubt, wear black
If in doubt, wear black
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