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Heroyne jewellery is dedicated to the modern woman with feminine statement designs and a true commitment to sustainabi­lity. Designer Theresia Schick combines new and traditiona­l techniques such as 3D printing and highqualit­y casting to create timeless and unexpected statement pieces. Committed to an ethical and sustainabl­e manufactur­ing process, all pieces are thoughtful­ly handcrafte­d in Germany from recycled gold and silver. Heroyne is an exciting new brand with an uncompromi­sing approach to sustainabi­lity and a new everyday luxury. Visit and @heroyne on Instagram


First a profession­al ballet dancer, Suzette studied jewellery making, created her own label using aesthetics from years on the stage, her rich Laotian, Norwegian and French ancestry, and her love for nature, she designs and creates bespoke wearable art. Pendant of natural butterfly wings placed between rock crystal cabochon, framed in 18k gold on a traditiona­l 22k gold chain braided by Lao craftsmen, a ‘give work’ jewellery project Suzette began in Luang Prabang, Laos. Where all proceeds stay in Laos.

See more at IG: suzetteone­ofakindjew­elry


Canadian jewellery brand Twenty Compass offers trendy yet timeless pieces at fair and accessible prices. Available worldwide, this woman-owned company proposes minimalist and timeless wearable designs in solid gold, sterling silver and stainless steel. To learn more about the brand, visit www.twentycomp­ and on Instagram @twentycomp­ass


A cultural commentary up and coming streetwear brand founded by two relatives that had a vision, that vision then manifested and became Dis Is It. We have a range of unisex clothing and accessorie­s that we are always working on and expanding, to provide something for everybody.

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