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Quick question: how exactly is it spring already? If the past few years have shown me anything, it’s that time has a truly elastic quality. One moment it can feel like you’re trudging through mud, counting down the clock; at others, it’s speeding past and all you can do is try to grab on.

In fact, it seems like only yesterday Nicola Peltz made headlines around the world when she got hitched to Brooklyn Beckham at a truly star-studded bonanza of a wedding. On p72, we sit down with her to reflect on one year of life in the Beckham family, that supposed feud and what she’s learned about marriage so far. Funnily enough, ‘our love language is definitely quality time’, says Nicola. (On set, the two were inseparabl­e. He hyped her up when she got butterflie­s, left to get her hot chocolate when she was cold and even carried her down a hill so she didn’t have to walk in her heels – see above right.)

Whether ‘quality time’ is your love language or not, the importance of making time to show up for people kept cropping up while putting this issue together. I’m a big advocate for cancelling plans, but on p53, we ask whether boundaries shut people out, as much as they protect us. On p94, we investigat­e the eating disorder epidemic, and the people working on the front lines to make sure help and support are there for those who need it. And, on p117, one writer heads to break-up school (yes, it’s a thing) to learn the value of making time for yourself, and how to move on from the past. But what if you already know what lies ahead? Does it help ease your anxiety or make time feel even more terrifying? Well, on p82, we spoke to the ‘superforec­asters’ paid to predict the future. And their answers might just make you feel better…

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Claire Hodgson EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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