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Buckle up, it’s romcom season

We’re in the mood to get a little bit mushy. From wedding day disasters to dating a pop star, fall in love with these romance novels


THE THREE OF US Ore Agbaje-Williams Out 11 May

Told in three parts and set over the course of one day, The Three Of Us confronts a problem no one wants to deal with. What happens when your husband and best friend love you, but hate each other? This is a story full of humour, intrigue and betrayal.

GWEN & ART ARE NOT IN LOVE Lex Croucher Out 11 May

Set in Camelot, where Gwen and Arthur are betrothed. However, Gwen is fantasisin­g about the kingdom’s only female knight, and Art is far more interested in kissing boys. When they discover each other’s secrets, they hatch a mutually beneficial plan.

ROMANTIC COMEDY Curtis Sittenfeld Out 6 April

TV writer Sally is sick of her ‘average-looking’ male friends dating successful, famous women. It never happens the other way around, right? That is until pop star Noah takes an interest in Sally. If you’ve ever dreamed about marrying a celebrity, this one is for you.

HAPPY PLACE Emily Henry Out 27 April

Harriet and Wyn are the perfect couple. They’re spending their holiday with their best friends in a dreamy cottage. The problem? Harriet and Wyn actually broke up six months ago, but don’t want to let their friends down. How hard can it be to fake a relationsh­ip for a week?

THE HAPPY COUPLE Naoise Dolan Out 25 May

From the author of Exciting Times comes a spin on the traditiona­l marriage story. Luke and Celine are in love and ready to say ‘I do’. However, their friends and family have secrets that could cause chaos in the run-up to the wedding. Will the happy couple make it down the aisle?


A love story set on a farm? Count us in. After discoverin­g her fiancé is in love with someone else, Wren travels to Indiana to get over her heartbreak. There, she meets recently widowed Anders, and realises love may not be over after all.

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