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Anna Kendrick is calling…

Luckily, we picked up. And wow, was it a delightful­ly cosy chat


It should surprise absolutely no one that, in addition to acting (see: her new, very spooky thriller Alice, Darling) and directing (see: The Dating Game, her upcoming directoria­l debut about a serial killer who appeared on a game show), Anna is exceptiona­lly good at setting the mood on one of her rare nights in. Also not surprising: that mood is super intimate but also smart and fun and just a little bit weird. She says you’re welcome.

Anna, hi. It’s finally the weekend. How are you getting your relaxation on?

I was just doing one of my favourite procrastin­ation activities – planning trips that I’m never going to take. Where you’re like, ‘Where are the Maldives? Maybe I’ll go there.’

That is highly relatable. By the way, I lit a candle specifical­ly for this chat. Are you a candle person?

Girl, you’re really going to ask me if I’m a candle person when I have an entire cabinet dedicated to candles? My best friend is like, ‘Do you really want to spend all Saturday shopping at Candle Delirium in West Hollywood?’ Yes, I do. There’s something about the experience of buying a candle, like, ‘When I go home and light this, I’m going to become this woman who has the life that smells like this candle.’ I keep saving the Le Labo ones for a quote unquote ‘special occasion’. When, Anna? When the Pope comes?

Let’s pretend a significan­t other is coming over tonight. (Don’t worry, it’s not the Pope.) How will you prepare?

I usually order something healthy to eat. And then, two hours later, when we’re down the rabbit hole of a documentar­y about a failed business empire, we’re suddenly ordering ice-cream sandwiches.

Okay, so you like a serious watch for date nights. Something intellectu­al.

I do. I like when you can be chatting and then something in the show will catch your attention for three seconds because you’re like, ‘Wait, what the fuck did they just say?’

Anything else in your house that might make someone else say ‘WTF’, that’s only special to you?

I’ve had my mum’s old Ouija board for years. It told her she was going to marry a guy named Will, which she did. You know, they got divorced, so I don’t know how special that shit is.

Here’s hoping it’ll bring you better luck. I’m crossing my fingers.

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